Sunday, January 30, 2011

The REAL venue..

Who would have thought a venue could be such a pain in the ass!?!
 The previous venue post was all about The Know Theater. Which is for sure a fantastic venue. Problem for us was, they have MidPoint Music Fest going on on our wedding weekend. BOO! I mean YAY! MidPoint is awesome but BOO! it is on the weekend of our wedding. I love the Know Theater and what a fantastic venue. Clifton Cultural arts Center just did not work out for us. I am sure it will great for someone, just not us. So with that being said we were back at square one. Since Nikita Gross and I have been working on love+bash. Our badass wedding expo, leaping lizard came in to play. I went and quickly wondered why we had not thought of it. Leapin Lizard is the perfect venue for us! It is just as eclectic as we want our wedding to be. Wanna see this place? OK! I had to look all over the web for photos and nothing worthy came up, ever. Then I remembered that Pottinger Photography was taking photos when we were there for a "vendors for charity" night. Which was a night when a ton of wedding vendors got together to party and make donations in various ways. That was a fun evening.
Here are a few photos from that night!
 This will be where cocktail hour is going to be held as well as the actual party!
LOVE all the lounge furniture!
 And the V.I.P rooms!
 This is in the stairwell heading up tp the ceremony! 
The leg lights! LOVE THESE!

Some of where the ceremony and dinner following a fast room flip...

 And the front of the joint..
I am sure I will have even more photos from Nikita soon! 

The Party!

Ok..... I have not been updating our blog. So what, I have been busy.
 Over the weekend I was happily able to finalize a few new vendors.. One being our DJ. Our DJ is awesome, hands down. I have worked with him a number of times for my own clients weddings. I was his neighbor for awhile when my business was in the wedding mall. Who is it you ask...
Nemar Maize of Maize Music! WOOT! I know Nemar will keep our party happening no matter what. I have never worked a wedding with Nemar when the dance floor has not been packed all night long. Since we are music lovers, it is important that he can play what we want, but also read the crowd. He will also be playing our ceremony music. Once again since we love music.. we want it to be perfect. We will be selecting songs that are important to us, or have a meaning. So to our guests.. you will be subjected to some serious tunes during our ceremony. We will be playing our songs all the way through.. just cuz.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

d.i.y. list... for perspective

1. fabric flowers for windows
2. aisle runner
3. glass painting
4. bouquets (kind?)
5. fabric bag for feathers
6. my hair piece (veil? what? i dunno)
7. centerpieces
8. fabric runners
9. handmade napkins
10. handmade charger squares
11. Escort non card items
12. painting stuff

sweet jesus I have a lot to do...

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