Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ahh the smell of things coming together is so rewarding.
I spoke to a very important person/vendor on the tellie this evening. He was so uber excited about our reception plans. (I can not tell because they are that freaking fantastic.) I can say that his enthusiasm was contagious and kind of made me that much more excited. EEKKK!!
Friday we have a cake tasting appointment! HA! This to me seems like the weirdest part of the whole wedding planning. I guess because we are not going to do a big cake, but we do want A cake. Because even though we are going non-traditional we still want a taste of tradition and Shane likes the cake cutting part and so do I. I will also say that maybe I am just cake tasting so we can say we cake tasted..HA! There are a few places that I have yet to even taste, believe it or not. So I feel like in order to offer our guest the best tasting cake we must go taste and I mean we should probably taste every cakery in Cincinnati. Friday we will visit Sweet Water Bake House. I have never had their cake at any wedding I have planned. So we shall see. Plus with the tasting we get to pick the flavors we would like to eat. Yum.
Also we have our stationery woman. Now if I would have been typing this about 2 years ago I would have said staionAry women. She corrected me ever so sweetly. She said stationEry is paper. StationAry is, in place. Duh I am a moron! But I love when people correct me. NO LIE! I take constructive criticism very well and love it! So the lovely Mrs. Amy Owens from Amo-Ink will be working with us to create some freaktastic paper goods. Maybe paper, maybe not. I dunno, but i like where she is going.
I love Amy. She was one of the first official wedding vendors I ever met. When I decided to take my business to the level of actually being a real business, I went to an Association of Bridal Consultants vendor appreciation party. I am not a huge fan of the networking thing so I literally had to talk myself into this the whole way there.  Once inside I saw a few vendors I had worked with prior, but none I really wanted to get to comfortable with. Amy was the one who introduced herself and I instantly loved her genuine personality.
When I decided to take my business out of my house, Amy was the familiar face I saw in the Wedding Mall where I moved. She has a very clean lined modern style, which I love but for me... we are going to work her left brain. I know she will produce some fabulous work. I am sooooo excited to tell her every single detail of what we have planned to date. I have yet to tell anyone and it is KILLING me! Well I take that back, I did tell Miss Nikita Gross of Nikita Gross Photography. By the way, if you are looking for a girl to photograph your wedding, you should talk to her, she is awesome. She was featured on Rock N Roll bride right here. 
So that is all I have tonight. I will leave you with a photo of my wedding planner pussy. She has been with me every step of the way while I search the internet for whatever I am not finding.. lol..

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  1. So funny! I do not remember correcting you on -ARY vs. -ERY but its a huge pet peeve of mine, so I am not surprised. Can't wait to start work. I am dying to hear about all your plans.



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