Thursday, August 26, 2010

The dress........:)

Well the designer. HA! Shane is a follower so clearly I will not post THE dress because I don't even know yet. I do know 100% that I will have a dress custom made by Wai-Ching. These dresses are AMAZING and 100% me. I would not even think of having a traditional gown. Not because I dislike them. I have seen a few that I love on other brides. But I have been a HUGE fan of these gowns forever now and I am SOOOOOO EXCITED to get busy with Chrissy on figuring out my design and colors. I think my girls will also have dresses by her. Just because they are that awesome and would go perfectly with mine. You can check her designs out here, Wai-Ching.


  1. Wow, excellent choice. I love those designs!

  2. Gorgeous! I checked out the site and I've been drooling over her designs. LOVE the Athena style bridal gown she did :P



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