Friday, August 27, 2010

History Lesson

Georges Claude was the first man to apply an electrical discharge to a tube of gas known as neon. What did he create... um mm hmmm. neon lights. You can thank him next time you are at a local dive bar and see one on the wall. Woot Georges.

F. Scott Fitzgerald. Author of the best book I have had to read in high school. To this day it is my all time favorite. The Great Gatsby. This book inspired me to study the 1920's. Which led me to my fascination of the art deco style of architecture and fashion of the 20's. I love F. Scott Fitzgerald. You Da Man.

Katja Kassin... Duh,, German Porn star! Everyone knows that.......right???

Anyways are you thinking that maybe our wedding will be inspired by 1920's art deco, neon lights and porn? Well it won't be. All of those above named achievers share the birth-date of September 24. A.K.A our wedding date...

SEPTEMBER 24, 2011... read it, remember it....

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