Thursday, August 19, 2010

INTRO..the brutal truth

Hi, I am Jen! If you are reading this, well you probably know me. Being a brand new blog and all it is not like it is getting mass publicity.
I am a wedding planner in Cincinnati, Ohio. I LOVE my job. I was never the girl who envisioned her wedding from the age of 4. Never played wedding, never thought of the perfect gown, flowers, or decor. None of that applied to me as far as I was concerned. The one thing that I did love was designing. I loved/love designing clothes, accessories, art, etc. That was what I was passionate about. One day a bunch of years ago as I was driving to my job, as a book keeper and it hit me. I was approaching the reading exit on I-75 when the words "wedding planner" came into my head. Huh? Where did that come from? I have never been in a wedding, never cared about them really. Never even seen the movie "The Wedding Planner". So why now? So I got to work and started doing some research. What does a wedding planner do? I spent days maybe even a few weeks reading blogs, looking at websites, looking at online courses offered and so on. I was intrigued. I was captivated. I was also disgusted. What the hell? How can some of these people be in the wedding industry when they have NO sense of style what so ever? Now i am talking nationwide here. (i don't want to piss off any local vendors :)) As a matter of fact I think Cincinnati of all places is pretty lucky to have the talent we have. Anyway, before I get off track, I decided I would give this wedding planning gig a whirl. So I did, and I was good at it from wedding number 1. I can honestly say I have yet to have had a wedding that I look back on and say what in the world happened. I can also say, that I am sooooo good at getting everyone else's visions. I can pretty much tell what the wedding will look like at meeting number 1. It is amazing and I love it. So with that being said, it is now my turn to have a vision! WOAH! WHAT? This is crazy to me. Crazy that I am having a wedding! It is also HARD! I have seen so many weddings and my style is so different then the majority of my brides. So even though I plan weddings, my own wedding will be so totally different then the weddings I am used to dealing with.
Alright, now you kinda know me so now I was to add a disclaimer....
*** this is MY personal wedding planing blog. Not to be associated with my career. I plan to be myself in this blog. Not the professional me but the real uncensored me. I will update daily with info from the process of my planning, decor, my frustrations, my vendors, bridal stress, budgets, DIY projects (which will be A LOT) pretty much anything and everything. If you do not think you can handle my sailor's mouth, my rocker chic demeanor, or me in general, well then don't read this blog.***

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