Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the girls...

Wow! I have really managed to get a LOT of the wedding planning knocked out.. kinda... One thing that is driving me INSANE is the fact that the point of contact at the venue is a slow responder. PET PEEVE! I hate when people do not respond to me with in a reasonable time frame.
Any who, here is where I am in the process...
Save the Date video, scheduled..
Dress.. CHECK!!! Will be complete Feb, 1~ and it is not one from her website!! top secret shit going on here.
Ceremony location and decor... check.. LOTS OF DIY to get busy on..
Cocktail hour location .. check.. decor.. not so checked
Dinner location check.. decor half check.. another MASS DIY situation.
problem I have.. linens.. even though I do linen rentals.. I want something I can not find.. therefore.. I must make them all myself, including napkins. But I knew this going into the wedding planning which is why I am getting the vendors knocked out quickly so I can sew for the rest of the year..
I know, I know.. some may be thinking.. I thought you said this will not be your everyday average wedding. Well hold your panties on! IT WON"T BE! but I do want people to still know it is a wedding! There will be a ceremony, and a cocktail hour and a dinner. That is all you need to know right now. It will also be fabulous!
Now.. onto what I am working on tonight.. The girl's attire.. I knew I wanted a small wedding all together. So it only makes sense to have the three most important people in my lives to be standing with me for my wedding. So my oldest daughter Raven will be Maid of Honor, my youngest daughter Chey will be a bridesmaid and my sister LaNaya will be a bridesmaid as well. Since my gown is being made by Chrissy Wai-Ching it only makes sense to have my girls made by her as well. I am going for this one.

The only thing I will change will be the colors. They will all have different colors that coordinate with my colorful gown :) I am sure Chrissy will shit when I ask her to make this for an 8 year old.. lol. I may make some adjustments on Chey's so it will be more age appropriate. But either way I think these dresses are fantastic!
What's left to book...
Maybe stationery.. I may DIY that as well, but not sure yet.

Must send florist contract.. problem. I am not sure if we will have any flowers!

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