Thursday, September 2, 2010

Irritation #1

One thing I hate more then anything is having to wait to hear back from a vendor. This applies to my job as well as my wedding. I mean 24 hours, yeah ok, but days, absolutely not. It drives me INSANE!
So, when Shane and I toured Boost, we knew right away that we wanted it. I mean we would have signed a contract right then and there. The thing is they do not know what is going on. Cincinnati is getting an f'n casino pretty much across the block from Boost which will be taking their parking and quite frankly they do not know if they will move or not. This bothers me a little but after talking to the Boost person, she said she would put together a proposal for the venue. Well it has been two weeks and we have heard nothing! Also when I first contacted them to set up a tour, it took days to get a response. I hate that! Boost has everything we could want in a venue, but I am not willing to be irritated by lack of communication.
Therefore, I set up a tour of Venue 222. I have never been there but I do know that I need a back up plan now. Not 6 months down the road.  So far I love the fact that I sent a request for info and Cecilia responded with in minutes. Also, Cecelia is a well know wedding coordinator in this area, so that is perfect also.
So more or less, we are touring Venue 222 and I am crossing fingers that it will accommodate our needs and wants.

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